Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical extract of plants in the cannabis family.  Over the past several decades, this extract has been studied extensively and many physiological benefits have been discovered.  Very few plant extracts have been found to affect such as wide of a range of body systems as CBD and new applications are still being discovered.  

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

After much research into the benefits, types of oils, and qualities of oils available on the market, we have decided to offer our patients the option of purchasing CBD oil at our office.  After extensive research on manufacturing practices, extraction methods, ingredients and health benefits, we've decided that we feel most confident offering Charlotte's Web CBD products to our patients.  They hold some of the highest certifications in the industry and have some of the most stringent processing standards (read more about these processes by clicking the "More about CW" button below.    All of Charlotte's Web's products are domestically grown on Non-GMO farms and independent laboratory tested for quality.   They also hold the GMP manufacturing seal and are Hemp Authority Certified, signifying quality and reliability in ingredients and processing.  Their products also undergo independent laboratory testing.  Independent laboratory testing of each of these products gives you confidence that what's printed on the label will actually be what's in the product! All of the products we offer are extracted from Hemp and are legal federally and in all 50 states.   Another thing we really love about this line is that they also offer pet products for our fur babies to assist with problems such as separation anxiety.  We could not find a better company to work with and are proud to offer you such a high-quality product.  All of the products shown above are available for purchase at our Daytona Beach practice location.

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