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Knee pain is very common and can stem from a variety of different sources. Whatever the cause, it can be a debilitating condition that can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life.  If left untreated, the condition can worsen leading to permanent damage to the knee joint, and often other problems such as hip pain, ankle pain and back pain.  The knee joint is such an important part of body movement - we use it to stand, walk, sit in various forms, and so much more.  Because of the high degree to which we use our knees in everyday life, it is important to keep it healthy.  First, lets talk about some different conditions that might be causing your knee pain.   Some of the most common causes of knee pain are listed below: 

1.  Sprains, often involving the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL): These types of injuries usually occur as a result of trauma, often in the form of a sporting activity.  Hyperextension of the knee, or a hard blow to the knee can cause the tiny ligaments in your knees to tear.  As a result, you may experience weakness of the knee joint, or a sensation of it giving out.  You may also experience swelling that becomes more severe with use of the joint, and you may have difficulty or pain performing certain movements, especially those that involve bending the knee such as climbing stairs.  If you feel you may have this type of an injury, it is important to have the condition evaluated to initiate the healing process and prevent the injury from getting worse.  In cases of a severe ACL tear, conservative treatment is usually not enough and surgical intervention may be required.  In less severe cases, many individuals are able to function normally through the use of conservative treatments such as chiropractic care and physical therapy.  

2. Arthritis: Arthritis of the knee is very common.  The two major types are Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune, inflammatory condition, and Osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition.  You can read more about these two conditions by visiting the links below.  The more common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis, and this is typically what people are referring to when they say they have "arthritis".  In the knee, this condition is fairly common among younger individuals, although Osteoarthritis is typically a condition that affects elderly individuals.  The onset of this condition can be prevented if joint health is maintained and any injuries to the knee are treated properly.  

3. Meniscus tears: Like knee sprains, meniscus tears are usually a result of an injury.  Typically, meniscus tears occur with compression and twisting of the knee, as may occur in quick stopping or turning motions of playing certain sports.  Symptoms of meniscus tears include clicking or popping in the joint that is usually painless, or locking of the joint preventing the knee from being flexed or extended.  

Knee injuries rarely heal completely on their own without proper treatment.  Therefore, if you've sustained a knee injury, it is important that you contact a physician for an evaluation to determine the best course of treatment for you. You may contact our Daytona Beach office to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Fleming. Online scheduling is available by clicking the link below. 

Dr. Alesha Fleming

Natural Health and Wellness Chiropractic, LLC

Daytona Beach, FL

Dr. Fleming is a family chiropractor in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She is passionate about preventative health care and nutrition and enjoys empowering her patients to improve their health and fitness, one day at a time!

Daytona Beach Chiropractor
Chiropractor Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach Chiropractor
Daytona Beach Chiropractor

Knee Pain

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