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Chiropractic Video Library

Welcome to our chiropractic video library!  This page is designed to give you an idea of the services we offer, while offering you a first hand view of what it looks like to receive these services in our office.  Within each video you will find some descriptions of different parts of the services performed as well as some information on conditions or situations in which these treatments might be appropriate.  You will also find a description next to each video.  For more information on the services we offer at our conveniently located Daytona Beach office, please visit the tab entitled "Our Services" above.  Please also take a moment to visit our massage video library for information on each of the different massage services we offer, and to help you decide which service is best for you.  Each of these videos were recorded and produced by your staff at Natural Health and Wellness Chiropractic, LLC.  Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and find us on social media at @NHWChiro to keep up with all of our latest content and be the first to see any new video we put out!  Stay tuned for our other video libraries as well including Acupuncture and other fun office info! Thank you for watching :). 

Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstration - Manual Thoracic (mid back) and Impulse on Cervical Spine (neck)

Manual adjustments involve use of force performed by the hands of the chiropractic physician to specific areas of the spine.  Manual adjustments are often accompanied by an audible "crack" or "pop" called a cavitation.  This is the sound of gas being released from the joint space and patients often experience immediate relief of symptoms when the sound is hear.  Impulse adjustments on the other hand involve the use of an electrical adjusting tool that provides fast and specific applications of force to specific spinal segments.  This technique can be gentler alternative to manual adjustments.  One does not typically hear an audible cavitation with this technique.  

Adhesion Breakers Demonstration

Adhesion breakers are used to break up scar tissue in muscle.  When muscles are overused or become injured, scar tissue forms in the muscle fibers.  Adhesion breakers, in combination with cocoa butter or massage oil to assist smooth gliding over the skin, allows for break up of scar tissue, increased blood flow, and improved healing of the musculature.  

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