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Chiropractor Daytona Beach

Community Involvement

Community service is, and has always been, a great priority in Dr. Fleming's life.  From working as a volunteer tutor in high school, to volunteering as a peer advisor in college, and volunteering at Hospice in graduate school.  Below is a list of some of the ways in which we have been involved in the community thus far!  If you would like Dr. Fleming to visit your club, school, or other organization, please contact our office to make arrangements.  Dr. Fleming is an engaging speaker who loves giving health talks and teaching others about health and wellness.  All of her health talks and workshops are offered to the community completely free of charge.  

Chiropractor Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach Chiropractor
Chiropractor Daytona Beach
Chiropractor Daytona Beach
  • School Physicals preformed for Athletes at Mainland High School*

  • School Physicals performed for Athletes at Campbell Middle School*

  • School Physicals performed for Athletes at Silver Sands Middle School*

  • Port Orange Family Days, October 2015

  • Port Orange Family Days, March 2016

  • Port Orange Family Days, October 2016 - Winner of Booth Decorating contest in support of First Responders

  • Crane Lakes Health Expo

  • Crossroads Church - Guest Speaker

  • Halifax Humane Society Mutt Strutt

  • Daytona Beach Police Department Appreciation Event and Fund Raiser

  • National Federation of the Blind Charity Event Sponsor

  • Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Herzing University

  • Bethune-Cookman University Health Fair - Guest Speaker

  • Florida Chiropractic Association Emerging Leaders Retreat

*Over $400 worth of proceeds from School Physicals donated to the schools' athletic departments!

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Dr. Fleming is a family chiropractor in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She is passionate about preventative health care and nutrition and enjoys empowering her patients to improve their health and fitness, one day at a time!

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