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Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is an excellent modality that has a number of physiological benefits.  Similar to massage therapy, foam rolling assist in relaxing muscles, breaking up scar tissue, and helping to decrease muscle soreness and fatigue.  Unlike conventional stretching, there has not been any evidence discovered to suggest that foam rolling decreases athletic performance.  Foam rolling also does a better job of breaking up scar tissue of "knots" within the muscles than conventional stretching.  This video demonstrates foam rolling techniques for all of the major muscle groups in the body.  Foam rolling can be extremely beneficial when utilized before or after a workout.  Foam rolling after a workout can decrease the likelihood and severity of delayed onset muscle soreness.  When used before a workout it can assist in warming up muscles and prevent cramping.  For more information on how to maintain proper muscle and joint health, please visit one of the links below.  We offer a number of treatment and preventative health options to help you meet your fitness and health goals!

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